We analyzed tubidy development, and does not provide free mp3 music download

Friday, June 21, 2013

About free music download site tubidy.com copyright Thinking

tubidy As the rapid development of music download sites,

Download the user ignores the copyright protection, if we respond to this trend, it is worth thinking.

Awareness of copyright in the economically underdeveloped countries are still being ignored.

Analysis Of tubidy.com Web Search Volume In Cities and Regions Across The World

Analysis Of Tubidy's Web Search Volume In Cities and Regions Across The World

National and regional distribution of  global search volume:Chad enjoys the highest web search volume,the next are Mali,Sudan and Gabon.The tubidy.org.uk is an entertainment and information website, tubidy.com provide you with the latest entertainment information.It can be freely download.Because African countries don't have copyright,so they can download very much.

Mali enjoys the second largest search volume,it's because Mali is an African country,there are many people searching on ebay.

As for Sudan and Gabon,I believe ebay is still one of the most favorite entertainment and information sites ,there are many people searching on ebay.

The top ten regions of tubidy.com web search volume,are all the regions which have a more developed economy and a dense population.

The ranking in cities are respectively Pune,New Delhi,Chandigarh,Calcutta,Ankara,Adana,Lahore,London,San Jose.These are all the cities which have a more developed economy and a dense population.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Tubidy.com The Free Mp3 Download Search Engines

Tubidy.com   The Free Mp3 Download Search Engines

    Tubidy is an American website search engine, is mainly responsible for MP3 music download free. In the Tubidy site, you can search to all kinds of music you want, and still free. Well, you have not got it wrong, here MP3 is free. And the site's capacity is very optimistic, inside with a large reserve of music. Whether you like or love jazz, disco, or make people feel comfortable light music, have everything that one expects to find here.
     Become more and more people the necessities of life in MP3, when more and more people began to want out of work every day tired, listen to music to become the people the best way to relax. After work back home, with beautiful music, accompany the children to love and enjoy the music brings relaxed, it has become more and more work must be done every day. Society closely linked together, to a variety of social relations, we have to make compromises, trapped under rules. Someone once said, only when I listen to music, to feel oneself or a separate object.
    Tubidy can provide you the love of the singer's music for you, come from different countries and regions of music can be found here. But different from other websites, all music this Tubidy site are free. This can save you a lot of money, especially suitable for your money.
    What are you waiting for? Tubidy welcome you to patronize, here are the best music, best service.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Analysis of tubidy.com's search volume

We can see from the graph,from January 2004,the gragh was a straight line,the search volume was 0.And since June 2006,tubidy.com appeared,the volume started to grow,but the speed was slow,it increased gently.In august 2011,the search volume was 20%.After that,the search volume experienced a fast growth,quickly reached to 52% in April 2012,and in short 8 months,it reached to its peak of 100%.After that,it started to decrease for two months,the search volume decreased to 91%,and then increase again,decreased again.So till July 2013,the search volume is 88%.
    We can see from the area heat,tubidy.com is most popular in Cote d'ivoire,the second is Gabon,and the next is Burkina faso, Mali.